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We worship and serve together with unity of spirit and in truth. As teachers and shepherds use their gifts for the glory of God within the biblical unity of this congregation, complete uniformity of conviction and conscience on every matter is not expected. Many topics allow for differing interpretations of biblical doctrines that do not contradict our shared confession of faith.


The resources linked below express what this church will teach and uphold. If a teacher does not agree with a particular position held by the elders of this congregation, this does not exclude that person from teaching. However, teaching on the doctrine over which the individual has a different conviction will be provided by another qualified teacher or elder instead. 

To guard against potential division or confusion within this body, the elders have identified these further resources in brief form, with longer treatments of each available for clarity and edification, upon request. While this church does not necessarily endorse what each of the below contributors might teach on every doctrine, the selected articles offer a helpful articulation of what this church will teach on numerous topics as well as strong biblical reasoning for doing so.



Understanding God's Word

Gospel Ministry

To further trace this congregation's rich doctrinal heritage and a few of the current ministries near whom we are convicted to stand most closely, read a brief sketch of our Alignment.

As a church plant, we gather under the oversight of our 'sending church,' Calvary Redeeming Grace Church​ of Lakewood, CO. We thank God for this dear congregation's example, prayers, friendship, care, generosity, and blessing in this glorious endeavor. 

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